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“Robin thanks for the beautiful job you made of mounting our picture you have managed to match the frames of our other pictures so well.


“Thanks Robin for the wonderful framed print you did for me of the Tiger Cub it now has pride of place on the living room wall”


“Robin so pleased I spent time with you exploring my camera. I always wondered what those little dial things were. You have encouraged me to get out and about taking photos and away from the”auto” mode”


“What can I say Robin, you know how thrilled we were with the photos from Oliver's Christening. Thanks for taking the photos we wanted of the family - we don't often get together so these are even more valuable”


“Hi Rob the photos from our Ruby wedding anniversary are terrific. I did not realise you were capturing so many treasured moments for us”


“Robin I have used the photos you took for us, in our training PowerPoint and handouts they are just what I wanted. I appreciate that it was a long day shooting but from our point of view we are very pleased”

Ian Goodskills Training

“Robin the photos from my 18th were fantastic, I have them all over Facebook now thanks for coming along”


“Thank you for coming to the house and doing our family shots for us. It made it so much easier to fit in photos around the babies routine at home. The shots are great and I will be using you on a regular basis to capture them growing up”


**Latest Review **

I found our session very useful, the one-to-one advice was very informative and gave me the opportunity to ask questions relating to my own camera and level of knowledge. I certainly found this format of advice more beneficial than my experience of a formal workshop where both the level of knowledge and objectives of the students varied. Being able to pitch your advice at my level of knowledge/experience and offering step-by-step advice for my own camera was especially useful. - Martin Cheshunt




“Rob thanks for the portraits. They are fantastic. I have them up all over the house and had many favourable comments about them”


Thanks to Robin, we now know what the dials and numbers on our camera mean, and can finally get off auto mode. We also know how to edit images to make them look professional and ready for our marketing material.

Project Skills Solutions - Basildon

Good Morning Robin

I would just like to say a big Thank You on behalf of Radio Marathon for attending our summer festival and taking such wonderfull pictures of our day. It was an absolute pleasure to have such a proffesional and friendly photographer and we will most definatelly be using you for years to come. 

We are so happy with the photo’s Robin took of our wedding. All of his work on the day picked up on the joy of the occasion and he was incredibly adept at capturing the special moments.  He took pictures without intruding and most of the time we were not even aware he was there! The few formal shots we asked for were done efficiently and came out brilliantly. Robin had a knack for capturing the character of our guests perfectly and building a rapport. We, as well as all our friends and family, couldn't be happier with our wonderful wedding photos. We are over the moon with his work and would recommend Robin time and time again.

Douglas and Danielle Bridge
Married at South Farm


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