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I am fortunate to have traveled within the UK and further afield to photograph wildlife. I offer a selection of talks to both Community Groups and Photographic Societies.

Please see below the current talks available. Costings: depend on where I deliver and whether in person or via Zoom. To make enquiries re these talks please click on Contact above


Alaskan Grizzly Bears 45 Mins: This is a photographic presentation of the coastal Grizzly bears of Salmon Creek Alaska

Polar Bears of Hudson Bay Churchill 50 Mins: The wonders of these fabulous Bears

Tale of Two Bears 100mins: A combination of the above two talks

The Falkland Islands 50 Mins: A photographic journey around the Falkland Islands

Jaguars of the Pantanal 50 mins: Images of the Jaguars and other creatures that inhabit the biggest wetlands on the planet in Brazil

The Man of the Forest 50 mins: A visit to Borneo to meet the Orangutans

Wildlife UK to Europe 90 mins: A tour of UK's and Europes wildlife, some images that I have taken.

Magnificent Africa 100 mins: Images from across Africa a beautiful place to visit


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